Septic Maintenance

Time to Service that Septic!

Here is a helpful chart that shows the approximate duration of time in which you should have your septic tank serviced and pumped. This is not to be ignored. Not servicing and pumping your septic tank regularly can cause septic system failure.

What is a Septic System?

There are a number of different septic systems, each with its own design. It consists of three main components: the septic tank, the drain field, and the soil beneath the drain field.

Septic that is pumped regularly

Good water flow into septic tank, and good flow out to drain field. The tank level is below the inlet pipe/tee allowing the toilet drain to have a good clear flow.

Septic that has been neglected

Restricted water flow into septic tank, outlet blockage and solids being pushed out to the drain field. The tank level is above the inlet pipe/tee causing the toilet drain to gurgle and not flush properly.

Four steps to a healthy septic system

  • Inspect. Yearly inspection of filter and pump your tank as necessary.
  • Use water efficiently. Do not wash all of your laundry on the same day, but spread over a couple of days. High water usage will stir up your septic tank, disturbing the settling process and pushing solids out into the drain area, or prematurely clogging effluent filter.
  • Do not flush these. Do not dispose of household hazardous wastes, plastic or anything anti-bacterial in sinks or toilets.
  • Properly protect your drain field. Only plant grass over your drain field. The roots from trees or shrubs can damage or clog the drain field. Do not place small buildings over any part of your system. Do not drive or park any car or other heavy vehicle over your drain field.

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